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*****Member Initiatives*****


The membership expressed strong interest in assessing the current and future direction of the Coalition. To satisfy these needs the President and Executive Committee unanimously approved a commission to conduct an assessment on "State of the Organization". The objectives of this initiative are to assess the status of the NBCFAE and offer recommendations on ways to make the organization more effective for its members and other FAA constituents.



*****Assessment Areas***** 


Organizational strengths and weaknesses

Functional effectiveness of the NBCFAE

Functional effectiveness of the current organizational structure

Review of Constitution and by-laws

Clarity of organization’s mission 

Member support for the organization’s mission 

Member satisfaction with the organization 

Effectiveness of present organizational programs

Determination of the need for new programs

Funding and financial issues and audits

Building Coalitions with other employee groups

Holding national/regional conferences

Developing strategies for future growth, health and progress of the NBCFAE

Communicate successful conflict resolution results to the members.