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Purpose:  Formulation of group under President’s Commission - Advisory Council

Group Definition:  New member/New generation (if possible at least one from each region to include new members within last 3 years, diversity in occupation and gender) 

Objectives:  Work with guidance from Advisory Council to provide personal perspectives (expectations) of the coalition for goals and objectives

Goal:   Establish, redefine, or provide next generation definition to current Coalition goals and objectives

Mission:  Provide new-era next generation thought to current coalition structure and its goals and objectives as they address issues of today and future stature of the NBCFAE as an employee association of the Federal Aviation Administration

Process:  Telecoms with Advisory Council and Millennium Group to brainstorm and discuss group goal

Methods:  Non-conclusive

  1. Take into account HRPM MSC-10.1 Employee Associations - updated Sept 29, 2008 (agency's policy on employee associations)
  2. Use data from the member's survey as a baseline to update the organization's goals and objectives